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CSR Capital is a diversified holding company with experience in Mergers & Acquisitions, IPOs and capital raising. We invest in modern real estate for a positive impact on the environment, and society as a whole.

Welcome to CSR Capital

CSR Capital offers a wide range of financial advisory services to its equity portfolio in relation to mergers, acquisitions and other strategic issues, restructurings, capital raising and IPO advisory.


We help companies and their owners through all kinds of mergers and acquisitions.


Advising on the establishment and implementation of public listings on the stock exchange.


We provide companies with independent valuation and advice through a wide range of alternativ till finansiering.

Sustainability and resource efficiency

Global conditions create a global strategy

CSR Capital is a financial services group with offices in Sweden, UK, Ireland, Switzerland and China with a global transaction and investment capability.  We are specialized in cross-border transactions within Europe and Asia 

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Our Companies

With capital from other funds or partner, CSR buys companies that create growth in the companies. This is how jobs and value are created. CSR also invests in companies in the real estate sector.

We want to promote a spirit of flexibility and speed, not just talking about it.

CSR works for you in a way that others can't. CSR has global networks and can work more efficiently than our competitors.

Meet Our Team

We are driving CSR Capital forward.

Annual investment meeting

CSR's annual investment meeting takes place in March. We discuss the performance of CSR Capital investments and the annual results of the portfolio companies. The advisory board with represented investors meets twice a year. We provide an opportunity for potential partner to meet with CSR's investment team.

We create value for people and the society largely by building strong and sustainable companies

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