Long-term Sustainability

For the Environment and Society

Our vision

Responsible Business

Climate change is accelerating faster than measures to counter its effects. The business community has an important role to play in responding to climate change and increasing resource efficiency through new innovative solutions. CSR Capital supports the Paris Agreement climate change target and has set a goal of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. 

We make a difference together

CSR Capital's direct environmental impact is limited, yet we want to work to reduce our negative footprint and carbon footprint and take smart action for all our portfolio companies, without sacrificing company growth. Our vision is that it is possible to earn ethically and in a way that does not destroy the environment. We want to grow with our companies in a responsible and sustainable way. That's why we support climate goals that are consistent with the Paris Agreement and have set a target to more than halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Investing in new solutions

We want to operate in the market according to the values we stand for. Being a committed and long-term partner means a responsibility and an opportunity to work towards climate-smart goals, and we do this in many different ways. In addition to working towards compliant climate targets under the Paris Agreement, we monitor our portfolio companies annually and look at key metrics around carbon emissions, water consumption, waste and similar resource efficiency. We work closely with our companies on these factors and encourage our partners to set long-term targets. Our future depends on our ability to develop new solutions to future challenges. We work diligently to solve our customers' needs not only today but also for the future. 

In 2019, CSR Capital started to work more long-term on climate, environmental impact and sustainability. Since then, we have transitioned to 100% renewable electricity and transferred most of our paperwork to digital form. 

For a climate-smart future with sustainable development

We work long-term with our portfolio companies

Status 2019

Innovative working methods

In order to reach our 2030 targets, CSR Capital will work with our partners on a long-term basis by investing in electric cars, using only renewable electricity and setting targets around our portfolio companies and value chains. We measure and analyze our greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis and this gives us a good opportunity to reach our targets. We focus on reducing waste and using more sustainable materials. We care for the world's water, working to reduce water consumption and waste. 

Carbon dioxide emission
Water consumption
Renewable Electricity

Clean water is extremely important for the whole world and in Sweden we want to protect our fine water. That's why we work with all our portfolio companies on the importance of not wasting water. We are actively working to reach our 2030 targets. investing in electric cars and climate-smart materials. We are always looking for new innovative smart solutions to reduce carbon emissions and reach our climate goals.