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We welcomed new colleagues in Ireland and Switzerland in September, following the establishment of our subsidiaries CSR Capital Ireland and CSR Capital Switzerland. 

Linda Gustafsson, CEO of CSR Capital AB expresses her pleasure and says:

"We have now taken further steps for global collaboration with all entrepreneurs in the world. We believe and hope that every step we take will be followed up by hundreds of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. With us, they will grow faster, smoother and will be even more cost effective".

July 2021 the fund company was acquired for investment. Today, it engages in fund activities such as mutual funds, fund advisory services and alternative investment fund management.

January 2020 acquired CSR Real Estate Sverige AB. The company's business model is to broker and manage residential and community properties to enable secure cash flows over time. In addition to property management, the company also offers property leasing, real estate transactions and property development.

In 2019, the Idea Bank was launched as a knowledge bank for start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises in need of business services. The unique thing is that we have gathered all the service areas that a business needs, under one roof.

In 2019, the company Linda Energy Technologies, which works with green solutions in the energy sector and project management of energy solutions, was acquired. 

2020 startade vi bolaget för att samverka med internationella aktörer för satsningar inom förnybar energi och nya innovativa lösningar. Företaget har idag ett antal projekt på gång inom vätgasteknik och bränsleceller.

2021 launched the company with the aim of promoting research in the context of testing for different patient groups. The aim is to offer self-tests based on criteria such as quality, ease of use and a high degree of certainty in the results.

In 2019, CSR Telecom AB was acquired to invest in a new concept. The company will carry out activities consisting of research and development, licensing and sales of products and services in

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