History of CSR Capital Sweden

How one of Sweden's leading holding companies started and its explosive success globally.


The company was founded by Linda Gustafsson

CSR Capital Sweden was founded in 2017 by Linda Gustafsson in a true entrepreneurial spirit. The company was founded to invest in various sectors and companies that can contribute to a sustainable society and entrepreneurship.


What is CSR Capital?

The name CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is based on social responsibility, which is attributed not only to the companies but also to the investors. If the capital is not able to assume its social responsibility in general, the company will not be able to perform its work in an irreproachable manner either. Hence, it is the capital that takes social responsibility and hence CSR Capital that does so.


What does CSR strive for and aim for?

  • Working for sustainable business
  • incorporate social benefits into the company's activities
  • Promoting entrepreneurship in the younger generation
  • Sharing experience and knowledge, as well as expertise
  • Be a platform for innovative and "outside the box" solutions in our network
  • Be a visionary for anything that can be interpreted as "impossible" in business
  • Challenge ourselves in what we know and what we can do with it

Our current offices

CSR Capital Sweden is a group with its own portfolio and has offices in Stockholm, London and Shanghai since 2017. We also have global transaction and investment capabilities. In 2021 we opened our new offices in Ireland and Switzerland

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Our Companies

With money from other funds or partners, we will buy companies and helping it to grow. In this way, we create jobs and increase the value for savers in worldwide. Our mainly focus is to invest in real estate companies.