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We welcomed new colleagues in Ireland and Switzerland during the month of September, after our establishment of the subsidiaries CSR Capital Ireland and CSR Capital Switzerland.

Linda Gustafsson, CEO of CSR Capital AB expresses her joy and says:

“We have now taken additional steps for global collaboration with all entrepreneurs in the world. We believe and hope that every step we take will be followed by hundreds of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. With us, they will grow faster, more smoothly and will be even more cost-effective”.

With the aim of promoting research and utilization within the framework of promoting tests for different patient groups and animals, the company aims to provide self-tests according to criteria such as quality, ease of use and high safety of results. The company also deals in related healthcare products.

In July 2022, the fund company was acquired for investment. IBG Group AB (publ) makes investments in small businesses that benefit the environment and society at large. The maximum potential return for the owners of our fund units is what we aim to achieve with all our long-term investments.

The company’s business model is to facilitate alternative lending and investment for individual investors and owners of multi-unit properties in international commercial real estate markets.

In the startup service, together with your company, we refine plans, calculations and actions in the long term, we help your company get funding for the start-up phase, develop the products ready and for sale, get the first customers and find the best ways to grow and generally also internationalize.

Linda Energy Technologies is designed to help companies achieve their renewable energy goals in a credible, transparent and impactful manner.

The company shall conduct activities consisting of research and development, licensing and sales of products and services in telecommunications.