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Thanks to our corporate structure, our partners are offered international business and a network of potential partners.

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CSR Capital Sweden Securities

Companies that CSR Capital Sweden invested in.
IDCompanySectorCountryFunding typeGroundedEntryDescription
1CSR Capital Sverige AB *InvestmentSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Small business funds
2IBG Group AB (publ) *InvestmentSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Services in business
3IBG Sweden AB InvestmentSwedenCSR Capital I20192022Consulting and administrative services
4Idébanken Invest Online AB *InvestmentSwedenCSR Capital III20182022Advice and services in investment
5Idébanken Startup Sverige AB *Business serviceSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Business and financial advice
6Idébanken Försäkring Sverige AB *InsuranceSwedenCSR Capital III20172022Insurance broker
7Idébanken Juristbyrå Sverige AB *LawSwedenCSR Capital III20192021Private and corporate law
8Idébanken Media Sverige AB *MediaSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Media & IT
9Idébanken HR Sverige AB *Job applicationSwedenCSR Capital II20192022Recruitment
10ABC Business Center AB *Real EstateSwedenCSR Capital II20192021Co-working hub/Office hotel
11CSR Real Estate Sverige AB (publ) *Real estateSwedenCSR Capital I20192021Real estate investments
12House Online Sverige ABReal estateSwedenCSR Capital III20192021Web platform for real estate
13Dröm Hem Stockholm ABReal estateSwedenCSR Capital III20192021Mediates rental housing
1424Service Sverige AB *Property serviceSwedenCSR Capital III20192021Home service, property management
15CSR Warehouse Sverige ABWarehouseSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Warehouses
16CSR Telecom AB *TelecomSwedenCSR Capital III20212021Telecom company
17CSR Test Easy ABResearchSwedenCSR Capital III20122022Medical research and development
18European Energy Ventures ABEnergySwedenCSR Capital III20152021Investing in green energy
19Linda Energy Technologies ABTechnologySwedenCSR Capital III20102021Energy and water purification
20LG Diamond AB ConsumerSwedenCSR Capital III20102022Diamond miring and sales
21CSR Hydrogen AB TechnologySwedenCSR Capital III20192022Green energy research
22Women’s Home Sweden AB *ServicesSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Womens’s economy independence
23CSR Business Hotel AB *ServicesSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Consulting and events
24IBG Online Company ABServicesSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Company trading
25IBG Pay ABServicesSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Payment and transfer
26IBG Academy ABEducationSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Consulting, training, events
27IBG Partners ABServicesSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Business and financial advice
28Sweden Food Online ABServicesSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Food trading and related activities
29Dröm Hem Sverige AB *Real estateSwedenCSR Capital III20162020Mediates rental housing and Investment
30H&L Home Sweden ABServicesSwedenCSR Capital III20192022Youth development
31Linda Gustafsson Fastighet AB *Real estateSwedenCSR Capital III20082019Real estate Investment and holding

* Companies that are currently preparing for listing.

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