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We have been active in good investments and are confident about going public for our invested companies.

Service companies

We own and manage companies in a wide range of industries.

Companies we have invested in

CSR Capital UK Securities

Companies that CSR Capital UK invested in.
IDCompany nameSectorDescriptionCapital ClassEntryCountry
1CSR CAPITAL LIMITED *InvestmentSmall business fundingCSR Capital III2020UK
2CSR TELECOM UK LIMITED *TMTConsumer own brand and useCSR Capital II2021UK
3JP TRAFFIC LTD Transport & LogisticsConsumer and assist with salesCSR Capital III2021UK
4CSR TEST EASY LTDHealthcareMedical research and developmentCSR Capital III2022UK
5LG DIAMOND LTDServicesConsumer and diamond miringCSR Capital III2022UK
6CSR HYDROGEN LIMITEDEnergy & EnvironmentalInvesting in green energyCSR Capital III2022UK
7IBG EUROPE LTD *InvestmentSmall business fundingCSR Capital I2022UK
8IBG ENGLAND LTDServicesServices in businessCSR Capital II2022UK
9IBG STARTUP LTDServicesBusiness and financial adviceCSR Capital III2022UK
10IBG PAY LTDServicesService in payment and transitCSR Capital III2022UK
11IBG MEDIA LTD TMTServices in Media and ITCSR Capital III2022UK
12IBG INVEST ONLINE LTDInvestmentSmall business fundingCSR Capital III2022UK
13IBG PARTNERS LTD (All TEST EASY LTD)ServicesServices in businessCSR Capital I2022UK
14IBG LEGAL SERVICE LTDServicesServices in Private and corporate lawCSR Capital III2022UK
15IBG HR LTDServicesServices in RecruitmentCSR Capital III2022UK
16IBG ACADEMY LTDServicesEducational serviceCSR Capital II2022UK
17IBG BEST LIFE LTDServicesInsurance IntermediaryCSR Capital I2022UK
18IBG ONLINE COMPANY LTDServicesCorporate TransactionsCSR Capital II
19CSR REAL ESTATE LIMITEDInvestmentReal estate investmentCSR Capital III2021UK
20ABC BUSINESS CENTER LIMITED Real estateSmart officeCSR Capital III2021UK
21CSR BUSINESS HOTEL LIMITEDServicesClub, Event, ConsultantCSR Capital III2022UK
22WOMENS HOME UK LTDServicesPromoting womens’ economical independentCSR Capital III2022UK
2324 SERVICE UK LTDServicesDigital real estate serviceCSR Capital III2022UK
24DREAM HOME EUROPE LTDReal estateSmart homeCSR Capital III2022UK
25HVAC SOLUTION INVESTMENT LIMITEDIndustrial TechnologyHVAC Industrial TechnologyCSR Capital II2022UK
26MODULAR BUILDING INVESTMENT LIMITEDIndustrial TechnologyModular constructionCSR Capital II2022UK
27BEDBUG SOLUTION LIMITEDServicesBedbug sanitation servicesCSR Capital III2022UK
28H&L HOME UK LTDSocial ResponsibilityEducation and TrainingCSR Capital III2022UK
29Castello Di Camino LtdFood ProductAgriculture and rural developmentCSR Capital II2022UK
30HOUSE ONLINE BRENT LIMITEDReal estateDigital platform in real estateCSR Capital III2020UK
31HOUSE ONLINE HOUNSLOW LIMITEDReal estateDigital platform in real estateCSR Capital III2020UK

* Companies that are potential for listing firstly.

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