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For the environment and society

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CSR - Women Entrepreneurs

Dedicatred to promoting women’s entrepreneurship

CSR - Soccer training

Supporting African girls’ soccer training

CSR - Soccer training

Offers technical solutions to improve water quality

CSR - Women Entrepreneurs

In European countries, female entrepreneurs have their very own oasis in business life.

To raise people’s awareness of equality between men and women, we plan to organize “economic independence” to a large extent based on women, who are the main driving force behind immigrants starting businesses today.

In Sweden, CSR Capital jointly created an organization dedicated to promoting women’s entrepreneurship – CSR Wealth

CSR - Soccer training center

Meet Clement Nkamanyi. Senior IT consultant, NET developer and SharePoint expert,

A community developer and philanthropist passionate about finance and football. We support his football initiative, his football school in Kumba, Cameroon. The main purpose of the school is the talented training program actively promoting the children of the city to learn and develop their skills.

The school provides training methods, football boots and clothing. Physical education teachers can find athletic gifted children early, carefully train and provide opportunities for them to become gifted players.

CSR -Water purification

Water undergoes a technologically advanced treatment process aimed at increasing water quality to make it suitable for a specific end use.

Example of end use is drinking water, which is vital for human health. Or for irrigation in agriculture and chemical processes in industry. drinking water, which is vital for human health. Or for agricultural irrigation and chemical processes in industry.

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