CSR Capital history

How one of Sweden’s leading holding companies started and its explosive success globally.

What does CSR Capital mean?

The name CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is based on a social responsibility, which is not only attributed to the companies but also to the investors. If the capital cannot assume its social responsibility in general, the company will not carry out its work in an impeccable way either. Thus, it is the capital that takes social responsibility and thus also CSR Capital that does this.

What is CSR striving for and aiming for?

  • Work for a sustainable business
  • embed social benefit in the company’s efforts
  • Promote entrepreneurship in the younger generation
  • Share experience and knowledge, as well as expertise
  • Be a platform for innovative thinking and “outside the box” solutions in our network
  • Be a visionary for everything that can be interpreted as “impossible” in business
  • Challenge ourselves in what kind of knowledge we have and what we can achieve based on this

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